H Sarah Trading places second container in Odiáxere

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H Sarah Trading places second container in Odiáxere

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In the village and parish of Odiáxere, municipality of Lagos, the second container for the collection of used clothes, footwear and toys was installed in the framework of the protocol signed between the Parish Council and the company Sarah Trading, which is located in the center Of the locality, next to the local market, and that also has as mission to provide a better coverage of this service to the population. The selective collection of textiles, footwear and toys, as agreed, grants the Cantinho Solidário Association, in proportion to the quantities collected, a financial contribution, which the institution applies in its support to the poorest families in the parish, to whom it distributes not only Clothing, such as blankets, foodstuffs and other products, thus helping those who need it most. The signing of this protocol, Carlos Fonseca and Maria José Silva, respectively President of the Parish Council of Odiáxere and President of the Association of Solidarity Cantinho Solidário.

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