Sarah goes to school

Date:16 May, 2019

Sarah goes to school

Throughout its time of operation, H Sarah Trading has joined efforts to reconcile economic development and social cooperation with the protection of the environment. Environmental awareness becomes more and more urgent in the ecological awareness of the citizen. Thus was born the project “Sarah goes to school!”, An activity that aims to sensitize the younger layers to the current practice of textile recycling.

– Publicize the work done by H Sarah Trading, essentially at the county level, with the school community;
– To alert students and teachers to the need to include textiles in the recycling habits already implemented in society;
– Sensitize young people, in a ludic-pedagogical way for the common practice of recycling / re-use.

Target Audience
– Young people between the 1st and 4th year of schooling (main target audience);
– Teachers who accompany the main target audience or who frequently carry out sustainability activities within the school community (secondary target audience).

Activities to do
The activities carried out under the project are generally structured in two phases:
Phase 1 – pedagogical presentation, addressing basic aspects of the concept of recycling and integrating the textile recycling aspect as a new concept;
Phase 2 – play activity with a view to the reuse of textiles in manual labor (Together we make ties);

Phase 3 – Music “O roupinhas da Sarah”.