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H Sarah Trading and the Hungarian Federation of Hunters give Christmas presents to needy children in the region

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Like the previous year, the Federation of Hunters of the Algarve (FCA), sponsored by the national textile recycling company Sarah Trading, will distribute toys to children from the sixteen municipalities of the Algarve, counting for this purpose also with the collaboration of municipal councils and institutions social policies. This initiative, which began in 2008, will once again allow around 200 children between the ages of 6 and 12 belonging to lower-income families (many of them institutionalized) to be treated with toys and other products of a didactic nature, which will be offered during small Christmas parties, one in each county.

This set of Christmas events dedicated to groups of children in each municipality will take place between December 12 and 21 and is supported by a protocol signed between Sarah Trading and the Federation of Hunters of the Algarve.

According to Vitor Palmilha, president of FCA, “Children’s Hunters Christmas” will “impart solidarity to disadvantaged girls and boys, giving them a few moments of joy”, although this initiative also aims to “awaken society to the social unbalance that unfortunately still exists in the 21st century and that it is urgent to eliminate “.