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Amarante collected almost 40 tons of textile materials

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Under the Protocol of collaboration between the Municipality of Amarante and H Sarah Trading, a textile collection and forwarding company, almost 40 tons of material were collected during the year 2017. This partnership, which began in June 2015, it contemplates eighteen containers in the Municipality for the collection of clothes, footwear and toys. After the collection, the first step is to define the material that can be reused or, in the absence of conditions, sent to the recycling. After this selection, the material that can be reused is distributed by the Social Action services of the registered entities, Municipalities, IPSS’s and Associations of social scope, depending on the requests and available stock. The one that does not present conditions of reutilization, then goes to the recycling, which results, among others, upholstery for automobiles or office waste. Thus, according to the analysis of the partnership report, 38,544 tonnes of material were produced, of which 27 were reused, some 8 tonnes followed for recycling and only a small part of material that was not in a position to be reused was for the landfill. Accounts made in 2017, the environment was winning, achieving at least 96 tons of CO2 emissions. It should be remembered that this partnership is an added value, due to the strong environmental and social component that it represents. In exchange for the collection of material, the company provides annual support to the municipality, which is directed to projects / social initiatives aimed at the most needy population of the municipality of Amarante. This Protocol is an important contribution in the fight against the phenomena of poverty and social exclusion, focusing on civic, social and environmental awareness of the citizen.