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Chatting with Margarida Beja from H Sarah Trading

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Partners for about 4 years, Dress for Success Lisboa shared H Sarah Trading’s work in one of its “À Conversa Com …” lines. H Sarah Trading Project Manager Margarida Beja explained the processes by which the materials collected by the company follow and how its expansion has contributed to the development of local communities. In this section, we also addressed the importance of the real benefits that textile reuse has had in Portugal, which unites H Sarah Trading with Dress for Success Lisbon and advice was left to those who want to have a greener and more sustainable way of life. The initiative under this heading is due to the fact that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world these days. The key points for reducing the negative impact of the sector? Textile recycling and circular economy. Let’s get to know Dress for Success a little. It originated in the United States of America and was founded by Nancy Lublin, whose father, before interviewing secretaries for his law firm, always said that it was enough to look at them through the window of his building to see how they were dressed if they would be. the contracted or not. What at first sounded like prejudice later made her realize that hiring a woman often depends on how she dresses. Dress for Success is born with the mission of supporting women to thrive in their professional and personal lives so that they do not live in situations of poverty and where they are treated with respect and dignity. The partnership with H Sarah Trading comes to give a second life to the used clothing, as Dress for Success is part of a global change movement aimed at empowering women for a better and safer future.