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H Sarah Trading is present at the Eco-Schools Award

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This year, Green Flags Day – Eco-Schools Award, took place at the Guimarães Multipurpose Pavilion and H Sarah Trading could not miss. This event aims to recognize the work of all those who contributed to make the daily life of the school and the community where it operates. Resulting from the partnership with the Eco-Schools Program, H Sarah Trading represented the activity “Used Clothes, Not Finished”, which aims to (in) train the younger layers about the importance of textile waste management, promoting its reuse and correct referral for recycling. The Award began at 9am with Eco-Mostra, where dozens of partners were present who provided participants with the most varied activities throughout the morning. After awarding the challenge prizes for the 2018/19 school year and delivering the flag, the band “The Olives” took the stage and gave a closing concert that cheered everyone in attendance. And as we work to live in an increasingly sustainable world, this year H Sarah Trading has reused newspapers and burlap bags to wrap the prizes of the winning schools.