Telework – 10 Free Tools

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Telework – 10 Free Tools

In view of the current situation that the country is experiencing due to Covid-19, many companies are already working from home, so that we can mitigate this pandemic. Here, we present you 10 free tools that you can use in teleworking.
1. Whatsapp
Known worldwide, it’s an application for sending messages, voice calls, images, videos and PDF documents.
2. Google Calendar
This online calendar and calendar service from Google is great for those who need a little push to be more organized. You can add and control events and share them with others.
3. Evernote
This software is ideal for those who like to organize information through notes, as its name indicates. It helps you to prioritize them according to what you want and to share them with whoever you want.

4. Skype
This application allows you to communicate over the internet to any part of the world through calls and video calls. It also gives you the possibility to make cheap international calls to mobile phones and landlines.

5. WeTransfer
It’s suitable for sending heavier files, and the free version supports files up to 2GB.

6. Gmail
It is a free webmail service from Google that needs no introduction, being used both professionally and personally.

7. Dropbox
Based on the “cloud computing” concept, Dropbox is a service for storing and sharing files.

8. Wunderlist
It’s the easiest way to get things done, plan work projects, set due dates and receive reminders.

 9. Google Drive
Another free service from Google that allows the storage and synchronization of files, as well as the creation of folders and sharing them with others.

 10. Google Hangouts

Also developed by Google, it is a communication platform that allows messages, video chat, SMS and VOIP. Google Hangouts is also free and you only need to send a link to the person you want to communicate with, no need to create an account.
Whichever tool you are using in teleworking, the important thing is that you follow the rules and stay at home, so that we can get back to normal as soon as possible!