Who we are

The company H Sarah Trading, the holder of the Single Environmental Title, is prepared and dedicated to the collection of new and / or used clothes, footwear and toys for later treatment and re-routing, seeking, through its activity, to reduce the amount of waste destined to the landfill.

Founded in 2006, it began its activity with the objective of creating in Portugal the first plant for the treatment of textile waste. Initially, the project focused only on the sorting of clothing, footwear and toys and subsequent re-routing. In September 2012, it expanded its area of ​​activity for collection through the placement of appropriate equipment in public and private spaces, throughout the national territory. Headquartered in Vila Verde (Seia), in the central zone of the country, a region plagued by unemployment and lack of opportunities, has given rise to 80 jobs, which tend to increase as a consequence of the company’s continued growth. In the year 2013, H Sarah Trading expanded and created a branch in Braga. A year later, he settled in Lisbon and in the Algarve.

The company H Sarah Trading develops its activity in collaboration with institutions, municipalities and companies, responding to the most diverse requests, being able to monitor the collections and respective deliveries throughout the national territory.


What We Do

As a company attentive to the current context, we adapt our activity to the needs of the population, giving a new meaning to the valuation of the collected material. In this way, we have based our work methodology on an environmentally, economically and socially responsible model, in a leadership perspective of the textile recycling sector in Portugal.

Through the creation of ties of cooperation with public and private entities throughout the national territory, we provide the citizen with a service of collecting textiles, installing equipment in public and private spaces throughout the country and making sporadic collections. Our activity focuses on the collection, sorting and routing of clothing, footwear, toys, home textiles, accessories and school supplies.

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CEO Nedal Habal

Nedal Habal, a Belgian businessman from Syria, settled in Seia and in 2006 founded the company H Sarah Trading, with a sorting center for clothing, shoes and toys and later re-routing. In 2012, it expanded its area of ​​activity for the collection, through the placement of appropriate equipment throughout the national territory with the “InVista nO Ambiente” Project. This consists of the signing of protocols with public and private entities, namely state entities, local power, sector events, among others. Nedal Habal divides his time between general coordination and business administration and international business management. It coordinates a total of 110 employees from north to south of the country, focusing on proximity monitoring, where it imprints its brand and motivation to all its employees in a present and responsible way.